HKLC Contributor Profile: Chris

Hello there! My name is Chris, and I am a librarian. More specifically, I have worked in libraries in Hong Kong since 2005, when I joined Bradbury School as their School Librarian. I was then Librarian at Island School for a year in 2007-2008, before moving to Hong Kong Baptist University Library, where I have remained for almost 8 (!) years.

I am really excited to be involved in the Hong Kong Libraries Connect project. As professionals, librarians benefit tremendously from interactions with their peers. In my experience, it has been the informal, unstructured, and serendipitous conversations with fellow librarians that have often been the most valuable. HKLC is intended to be a catalyst for these types of activities, and I particularly hope that it fosters communication between those working in different library sectors.

My Library Interests: Information literacy and instruction are my bread and butter, and large-scale assessment is a recent research interest for me. I am also involved HKBU Library's scholarly communication and research visibility efforts, which are non-traditional but increasingly important services for academic libraries. Finally, I am always interested in exploring how libraries can make use of social media to engage with their communities.