Launching: The Hong Kong Library Connect Blog!

It’s our first post on the HKLC blog! Hoorah! We are excited to have this space for librarians of all types across Hong Kong to share their professional perspectives and experiences. This is just the beginning, and we hope this post is the first of many to come on the topic of librarianship in Hong Kong.

But you may be wondering - what the heck is HKLC?

Well, if you head over to our About page you’ll find that “Hong Kong Libraries Connect (HKLC) is an independent group seeking to connect library professionals across sectors and build a community that contributes to local and international discourse about librarianship, from the unique perspective of practicing in Hong Kong.”

The group was formed out of a perceived need for opportunities to informally meet and chat about our work, motivate each other through professional development opportunities, and learn from one another through formal and informal channels. There was also desire to build relationships with library and information science students in Hong Kong, and encourage them to actively participate in the profession ahead of formal employment. Through HKLC, we aim to create a space in which all of this is possible - whether face-to-face or online.

In our next posts we'll introduce you to our core contributors - but this blog is all about collaboration and sharing, and the core contributors are just getting things started! If you have something you would like to write about, or just some ideas you’d like to kick around, please do get in touch!