HKLC Mentoring 2.0

Following the conclusion of our first mentoring program, preparations are now underway for a second edition.

After listening to the feedback from participants in the pilot program, we are planning for more structured activities this time around to complement the one-on-one interactions between mentors and mentees. Subject to final confirmation, these will include:

  • Speed-mentoring session: First kick-off event which will help match mentors with mentees
  • A group visit to a library or other information agency (e.g. Data Studio)
  • Activities based around an online library conference (e.g. library 2.0) or a local library event
  • Sharing of professional development resources via Twitter
  • A group contest/tournament/game (e.g. Library Olympics, Library Trivia Night)

Mentors and mentees will also be expected to contribute a post to the HKLC Blog.

We are aiming to launch this second round towards the end of February 2018. Details on how to register will be made available here soon. Stay tuned!

Here is our tentative calendar of events: