HKLC Contributor Profile: Jo

My name is Jo and I am a Subject Librarian at CityU HK. I arrived in Hong Kong in December 2014, and I still feel very new to the library scene here. In fact, I feel new to the library scene in general, having graduated from my Masters program in 2012. 

Before coming to Hong Kong I lived in a small coastal town in Northern NSW (population around 600 people), and I worked at Bond University Library near some of the famous beaches of the Gold Coast. Adjusting from small town life to big city living has been enormously challenging and rewarding, but I am enjoying the ride - and HKLC is part of the fun!  

I am really excited to be part of HKLC because I am keen to meet new people and chat about library work - and whatever other interests we have in common! (For your reference: old Hollywood films, young adult fiction and Japanese game shows.) A great thing about talking to other librarians is that you can share your passions for (and frustrations with!) library work, but also have your perspectives broadened by meeting people from outside your own sector or role. I also hope to form some collaborative partnerships to create new things - events, projects, maybe even published articles or conference presentations! 

My library interests: there are many, but the main ones are customer service, information/digital literacy, and research support for humanities and the arts - but I love being introduced to new things!