Report: Launching the HKLC Mentoring Program! 圖書館同行「師友計劃」正式開始!

Text by: Jo
Translation by: Bruce

March 15th was a special day for Hong Kong Libraries Connect: the launch of our pilot mentoring program! We gathered at SCAD Hong Kong to learn about the details of the program and to meet our mentors or mentees for the first time. 


The night started with a simple and fun ice breaker activity. We moved into small groups and were given the task of finding five to ten things all the group members have in common. Things like "we are all human" or "we all have legs" didn't count! Here are some of the things the groups came up with: 

  • We have all been to Japan 
  • We have all been to Taipei
  • We all like the sound of the ocean
  • We watch a lot of YouTube videos
  • We are Apple users 
  • We all regularly stay up until 1am
  • We all love hiking
  • We can all swim
  • None of us have kids
  • None of us live on HK Island


●     我們都去過日本

●     我們都去過台北

●     我們都喜歡聽海的聲音

●     我們都看很多YouTube上的短片

●     我們都是蘋果產品的用家

●     我們通常午夜一時才睡覺

●     我們都喜歡遠足

●     我們都會游泳

●     我們都沒有小孩子

●     我們都不是住在香港島

After the ice breaker activity the pairings for the mentoring program were announced, and mentors and mentees had time to get to know each other and talk about what they might do together during the program, which will be three months long. Some of our suggestions are: 

  • Have lunch or coffee 
  • Visit a Library together
  • Explore/learn a new tool together (Snapchat, perhaps? 😜)
  • Share interesting articles

If you have any other suggestions just leave us a comment below!


●     一起共進午餐或喝咖啡

●     一起參觀圖書館

●     一起探索、學習新工具(例如Snapchat?)

●     分享有趣的文章


All mentors and mentees were encouraged to share their experience on the HKLC Blog. Templates will be provided to help participants get started, but they are not compulsory - participants can write in any style they like, and participants can write in either English or Chinese. 


We were very happy to see such a dedicated group of people happily chatting away about the profession and the future of libraries, and we look forward to more opportunities to get together in future. In the meantime, stay tuned to the blog for updates from the HKLC mentors and mentees!