HKLC is inclusive! 香港圖書館同行: 來者不拒 !

Text by: Chloe, Chris, Jo, Kayo
Translation by: Maggie

It has been a long time since our last post - HKLC contributors have been tied up with all the usual back-to-school madness!

Source:  (  CC BY-SA 2.0, with no changes made)

Source: (CC BY-SA 2.0, with no changes made)


In this post, we want to elaborate on our inclusive approach to serving the library and information profession in Hong Kong. “Inclusivity” in this context encompasses a number of things, including background, age, language, years of experience, the type of libraries one is from, and one’s position within their library. Our goal is to create the most open and non-judgmental space as possible for our profession. Regardless of whether one is from Hong Kong and has been practicing in Hong Kong for over 20 years, a new professional who recently moved to Hong Kong, or a student who is pursuing a diploma/degree in Library Science, HKLC is intended to be a place where you can share your experiences and engage with others that share these inclusive values.


One concrete example of how we intend to achieve this goal is a commitment to provide content in both Chinese and English. We feel that catering to both of these official languages is a prerequisite to connecting library professionals of different types and backgrounds in Hong Kong. Here are some specific actions we will take:

  • Posts for the HKLC blog are welcome to be written in either Chinese or English  
  • We will call for contributors to help translate blog posts from English to Chinese, and from Chinese to English (or at least provide a summary translation)
  • Currently, our website is mostly in English. We plan to call for contributors to translate certain content from English to Chinese (e.g. our “About Us” page is available in both languages)


  • 博客文章:歡迎大家使用中文或英文撰寫
  • 翻譯博客文章: 中譯英,英譯中,我們將會招攬有興趣的同行為我們翻譯博客文章(或文章摘要)
  • 提供中文網站:現時,香港圖書館同行的網站語言以英文為主。同上,我們將會招攬有興趣的同行幫手將網站內容翻譯成中文(例如『關於我們』這一頁已經是中英對照啦!)

To be sure, this commitment to providing content in both Chinese and English is just the first step in building an inclusive community. If you have any comments or suggestions on how we could be as inclusive as possible, please feel free to comment directly on this blog post, or head to the “About Us” section to leave us a message!

要建立一個全面的社群,提供雙語言只是第一步。如果你有一些想法,覺得可以令香港圖書館同行再進一步連繫和加入更多不同的聲音,你可以透過下面的留言版或在『關於我們』頁面 的表格中填上你的意見或建議!