Designing the HKLC logo

Text by: Chris

Among the many HKLC projects currently on the go is an effort to create a logo to represent our community. This will be an extremely important part of our identity, so we are taking our time. Also, we are incredibly lucky to have Derek Black, a professor in graphic design with a specialization in typeface design, helping us with with the process. 

Here are some shots from a recent meeting where we brainstormed ideas and concepts. First we though about the concepts, ideas, and dispositions that underpin HKLC. Then we thought about how we could visually represent these beliefs. As you can see, we had plenty of ideas!

Apart from being a lot of fun, this exercise really helped us to think deeply about what we hope HKLC will develop into over time.

There's still a ways to go before the logo will be done, but we will keep sharing updates here. Feel free to let us know your thoughts!