HKLC Contributor Profile: Kayo

Hello! I am Kayo, and I am currently the Head Librarian at SCAD Hong Kong.   SCAD is an American art and design university and the Hong Kong location opened its doors to students in 2010. I have been working at SCAD since 2014. 

I received my MLIS from University of Alberta in 2008, and since then, I've been working internationally. My first job was at a women's college in Dubai, then I headed off to Bahrain to build a library in a Polytechnic. A year and a half after the Arab Spring kicked off in Bahrain, I found myself in Hong Kong. It's hard to believe that a gypsy like myself could last living in one place for this long.  

As a librarian, my main fixations are outreach and special collections. I hosted a 24-hour zine making challenge at SCAD to draw students to the library. I am also building a zine and artist book collection for SCAD Hong Kong's special collections. It's been super fun meeting local artists, scouring different bookshops and art spaces, attending events and buying fun, quirky pieces made by some talented artists based in Hong Kong. Since I am the only teaching librarian at SCAD, I am responsible for providing instruction to our students. I like to use unconventional methods to get students to become information literate. I will be very interested in exchanging notes about what you are doing in the classrooms!  

Other than library stuff, I love cats and books, especially comic books (I know, I am a walking cliche). One of the best parts about my job is that I get to buy comic books for the students, and usually get the first dibs when they come in. When not in the library or talking to other people about libraries, I can be found diving with my husband Derek at some beautiful tropical getaway.  

This is Dewey and I.  I found Dewey Punk Pickles on the street during my first week in Dubai.  

This is Dewey and I.  I found Dewey Punk Pickles on the street during my first week in Dubai.