Speed Mentoring Event @ SCAD Hong Kong 「師友計劃」之「極速配對」活動@薩凡納藝術設計大學

Speed mentoring at high speed!! This time lapse video lets you experience the entire event in 30 seconds.

Wednesday 7 December 2016 saw the first of what we hope will be many events in the HKLC Mentoring Program. We settled upon speed mentoring for our kick-off event because it would give participants a chance to sample the mentoring experience without committing to anything more than a single evening. Plus it sounded like a lot of fun!


Thanks to Kayo, the event was held in the wonderful Moot Gallery at SCAD Hong Kong. This vibrant, colourful space was the perfect backdrop for stimulating conversations.

感謝Kayo,是次活動於SCAD的Moot Gallery舉行。這充滿活力、色彩繽紛的地方是激發對話的最佳地點。

How it worked 活動內容

There were nine mentors and nine mentees in total. Mentors were stationed at the tables, while mentees moved around (they got some good exercise!). Each pair had just three minutes in which to find out as much as they could about each other - then it was time to move on! This was great for getting to know a lot of new people quickly. Everyone also filled out a delegate sheet to indicate when they felt a particularly good connection with a potential mentor/mentee - we will be using these later to inform Mentoring Program pairings.


What's next? 下一步呢?

HKLC is taking a short break over the Christmas period, but we will be back in early 2017 with more details about the ongoing mentoring program. Stay tuned! 


The HKLC coordinators would like to thank everyone who came along for helping make the event a success. Special thanks to Maggie Wong and Vivian Lam for volunteering to help with the logistics, and for being such ruthless timekeepers and excellent photographers!

HKLC的策劃人在此感謝大家為這活動出一分力,使活動取得成功。特別鳴謝Maggie Wong和Vivian Lam義務幫忙物流的工作,及在活動中擔任毫不鬆懈的計時員和優秀的攝影師!

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