HKLC Mentoring 2.0

Following the conclusion of our first mentoring program, preparations are now underway for a second edition.

After listening to the feedback from participants in the pilot program, we are planning for more structured activities this time around to complement the one-on-one interactions between mentors and mentees. Subject to final confirmation, these will include:

  • Speed-mentoring session: First kick-off event which will help match mentors with mentees
  • A group visit to a library or other information agency (e.g. Data Studio)
  • Activities based around an online library conference (e.g. library 2.0) or a local library event
  • Sharing of professional development resources via Twitter
  • A group contest/tournament/game (e.g. Library Olympics, Library Trivia Night)

Mentors and mentees will also be expected to contribute a post to the HKLC Blog.

We hope to launch the second round early in 2018. Details on how to register will be made available here soon. Stay tuned!