Program FAQ for Mentees

How do I apply to be a mentee?

You need to be either:

  • A current student enrolled in a library and information science programme of any level
  • An early-career librarian (either professional or paraprofessional)

Then simply send us an up-to-date CV, along with an indication of what areas of librarianship you are interested in. Feel free to ask any question about the program. This information should be sent to

How are the mentees selected? 

Potential mentees must demonstrate a genuine enthusiasm and commitment to the mentoring process, and to professional development in general. In cases where there are more applications for mentees than mentors available, we will take into other consideration other factors as well, such as giving priority to final-year students.

Can I choose my own mentor? 

No, but we will match you based on your expressed interests. Please note that we cannot accommodate any request for re-matching.

Do I need to submit any report/evaluation? 

In the spirit of sharing, you will be asked to blog about your experience on the HKLC Blog ( The style and content of your posts can be discussed and planned with your mentor, or a template can be provided.

You will be asked to fill in a brief evaluation survey, as we will need your feedback in order to further improve the programme.