Mentoring wrap-up!

On July 27th, participants of the pilot mentoring programme gathered at the House 41 Cafe, a charming venue located within the YHA Mei Ho House Youth Hostel in Sham Shui Po. Our efforts to choose a date that suited the largest number of people were sabotaged by a bug that is making the rounds - four people were sick on the day!

Nevertheless, the seven of us that were healthy had a great time catching up and discussing not just the mentoring programme but a range of topics including:

  • The relative merits of the Dewey Decimal and the Library of Congress classification systems (yes, really!!!)
  • Library management systems (Alma versus Sierra, fight!)
  • The challenges involved when a branch of the Public Libraries moves location

Our short mentoring pilot is now over, and it has been brilliant to see all the great things that have resulted, including all the blog posts that have resulted. The coordinators will be doing a detailed evaluation of the program soon, and we will be thinking about what direction to take the program in next. In the meantime, if you would like to share any feedback with us about the mentoring program, please get in touch!